C.IS.License Agreement
Graco NV

Slaakweidestraat 31
3630 Maasmechelen - Belgium

Distributor hereby requests access to the Graco Extranet Distributor Information (CIS) website and agree that:

1. CIS is to be used only for transacting business as a distributor in accordance with our unilateral policies. Distributor will not access or provide access to CIS for any other purpose and will not allow access by anyone other than Distributor employees. Distributor agrees that information contained in CIS is confidential and constitutes trade secrets of Graco.

2. Distributor will maintain its password in confidence. Any activity undertaken with Distributor's password will be Distributor's responsibility. It is strongly suggested that Distributor change the password when any employee with access departs or every three months, whichever comes first.

3. All access by Distributor shall be confined to the public areas of the Graco site and the CIS area and Distributor will not make any attempt to gain further access.

4. Violation of this agreement will be considered a breach of Distributor's obligations as a Graco distributor and may result in immediate revocation of CIS access and/or termination of the distributorship.

5. Other miscellaneous terms of this Agreement (termination mechanism, etc.) are governed by the terms of the Distributor agreement or unilateral policies.

To help protect you against unauthorized use, please: (1) fill out the information below; (2) print this Agreement on your company letterhead; (3) have it signed by the president or owner of the Distributor.


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